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Sam Parmar https://parmsam.github.io/

Quick post: I’ve had challenges finding the right R cheatsheet at the right time. Here is the official RStudio cheatsheets webpage, where you can subscribe to cheatsheet updates. Thought it would be useful to have a quick search table to lookup cheatsheets from the RStudio Github repo. The PDFs are useful to get a refresher on a package or learn more about a package.

Used httr package with Github’s API (based on Stackoverflow post) to get a list of relevant files in the repo. Did some data wrangling to get language, PDF download and preview hyperlinks. Then manually added a column with PDF titles (to the CSV file) to enable easier searching, since oftentimes the file name does not match cheatsheet title.

    # https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25485216/how-to-get-list-files-from-a-github-repository-folder-using-r
    #note that there is a default public rate limit; authenticated users get higher rate limit
    #didnt set that up here
      expr = {
      csheet_data <- readr::read_csv("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/parmsam/R-cheatsheets-explorer/main/csheet_data.csv")
      error = {
      req <- GET("https://api.github.com/repos/rstudio/cheatsheets/git/trees/master?recursive=1")
      filelist <- unlist(lapply(content(req)$tree, "[", "path"), use.names = F)
      cheatsheet_list <- filelist[filelist %>% str_detect("pdf")]
      base_url <- "https://github.com/rstudio/cheatsheets/raw/master/"
      base_gh_url <-"https://github.com/rstudio/cheatsheets/blob/master/"
      csheet_data <- cheatsheet_list %>% 
        as_data_frame() %>% 
        rename(`PDF Links` = value)
      # readr::write_csv(csheet_data, "csheet_data.csv")
    csheet_data2 <- csheet_data %>% 
      cbind(Tags = cheatsheet_list) %>% 
      mutate(Tags = str_replace_all(Tags, "/",", ")) %>%
      mutate(Tags = str_replace_all(Tags, "([a-z])([A-Z])","\\1 \\2")) %>%
      mutate(Tags = str_replace_all(Tags, "[-_]"," ")) %>%
      mutate(Tags = str_remove_all(Tags, "\\.pdf")) %>%
      mutate(`PDF Links` = str_c(base_url, cheatsheet_list)) %>%
      mutate(`Github Links` = str_c(base_gh_url, cheatsheet_list)) %>%
      # mutate(`Embedded` = str_c('<iframe src=', `Github Links`, '></iframe>')) %>%
      mutate(`Github Links` = str_c("<a href='", `Github Links`, "'>Preview here</a>")) %>%
      mutate(`PDF Links` = str_c("<a href='", `PDF Links`, "'>Download here</a>"))
    csheet_data3 <- csheet_data2 %>% mutate(Language = str_extract(Tags, "translations, .*,") ) %>% 
      mutate(Language = str_remove(Language, "translations, ")) %>% 
      mutate(Language = str_remove(Language, "|(, [a-zA-Z ,]*)")) %>%
      mutate(Language = ifelse(is.na(Language), "english",  str_remove(Language, ",") )) %>%
      relocate(Tags, Language, `PDF Title`)
    escape = FALSE)

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