Mix Things Up: A Random Workout Plan Generator

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Shiny App to build simple random workouts from list of exercises

Sam Parmar https://parmsam.github.io/

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Quick post: Going to get vaccinated soon and need to start seriously working out. Thought it would be fun to have a simple app to quickly generate random workout plans from a list of exercises. Decided to build a Shiny App out of the idea.

Additionally, I recently read through Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Workweek (my notes on the book are here). I’ve been using his suggestion setting a time limit to advantage of the magic of an imminent deadline. So, I gave myself up to two evenings after work. Going forward I’ll give myself a week to iterate more and distribute the work out. In the process, learned more about the gt package, bslib package, and publishing Google Sheets for import into R Shiny.

Consider this the first of my App in a Week blog series. Hope to encourage readers to go out and build an app. It’s easier than ever with R Shiny and other tools.

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