What’s Sam reading?

reading list listjs webpage

simple reading list webpage built using List.js

Sam Parmar https://parmsam.github.io/

I’ve been reading recreationally more often after work recently. Currently, I maintain a few Google Sheets to track books I’ve read, am reading, or will read in the future. Thought it would be cool to have a webpage (to embed on my website) with a simple interface that shows what I’m currently reading or have recently read. Did some research and found out about List.js, a javascript library that adds search, sort, and filters to plain HTML lists and tables. Put something together across two evenings within a few hours. Published Google Sheet to the web as a CSV and incorporated it in the javascript file.

See embedded webpage or visit the link below to check out the neat interface. The webpage automatically updates based on the Google Sheet. Github repo with source code and useful resources also included below. Might add Amazon links or book images to the list interface in the future.

Webpage here. Github repo here.

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